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Automatic Touchless Wash

Automatic Touchless Wash

Enjoy the convenience of staying in your car. Only high-pressure water & the finest cleaning chemicals touch your car & paint work for a spot free finish.

This car wash is totally brushless. With our state of the art filtration system we’re able to ensure it’s only pure clean recycled water (with no nasty particles that might cause scratches) that ends up on your precious paint, much safer than a dirty sponge. Our spot-free rinse means when you drive out of our wash – which will only take up less than 5 minutes of your valuable time – your shiny clean car will dry spot free without the need to chamois.

Includes an under-body wash with high side blaster to remove dirt on your wheels & sill – a must for muddy vehicles & road grime. This wash is suitable for regular weekly washes & doesn’t compromise your paint protection.

Stay in your car – we’ll do the work!

Want to talk technical?

  • we use low & high pH soap. Each pH soap reacts to different dirts, brake dust etc & results in a better clean
  • we use Carnauba Wax – it’s known as the ‘queen of waxes’ & is the preferred choice of car collectors & enthusiasts for it’s stunning show car shine
  • 1200 psi – impingement force inside the vehicle
  • our specialised drying agent removes most of the water to provide the spot free rinse a drier surface so you don’t get those pesky water marks post wash.


  • Jenny Baker Posted February 7, 2018 3:22 am

    How long should the underbody wash last upon entry to washing in the auto wash

    • Aquarius Car Wash Taree Posted February 7, 2018 6:00 am

      Hi Jenny,
      The underbody starts once you drive over the first beam & will run for up to 20 seconds. The slower you drive in, the better, which is why we have a sign reminding people. A lot of people rush into the bay & then it will only get the back of the car by the time it triggers. A great guide is to drive at walking distance only to ensure & you will get the full effect.
      Hope this info helps. Have a great day : )

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